Why a Rehab May be Confused with a Resort

rehab resortA wide range of rehab sizes and styles exist for people to choose from, ranging from low end, government funded rehabs to high end, private rehabs. A low end rehab will typically offer only the bare minimum in accommodations, but a mid to high end rehab will offer its clients a pleasurable stay as well as a recovery program. The more high end a rehab facility is, the more it will offer its clients in the way of accommodations. Because the higher end rehabs are so accommodating to their clients, they can project a resort like image with their private gyms, saunas, hot tubs and other luxurious amenities. This has earned luxury rehabs a reputation for being a vacation opportunity. However, one should not buy into this reputation. Anyone who has been to rehab and has taken it seriously knows how big a difference there is between rehabilitation and vacation.

Vacation is the opposite of work. Someone on vacation does not feel the need to have a plan, an agenda, a schedule or anything else in the way of expectations on them. The whole purpose of vacation is to leave those things at home. Traveling to a resort setting is a way of declaring that you are taking this time to yourself, which is why a resort setting is associated with vacation. Taking vacations is a necessary part of life as we are meant to switch off every now and then.

This picture of vacation certainly does not describe rehab. Regardless of how luxurious a rehab may be, its primary purpose is to teach people how to overcome addiction. It may come with opportunities for luxurious relaxation and recreation, but that does not mean that is its function. A rehab connects clients with numerous resources that are proven to be effective in combating addiction. Not only that, but when a person commits to a rehabilitation program, they sign a contract stating that they will follow the treatment schedule assigned to them. Not only are addiction recovery resources available to them, they are also required to participate in them.

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