What to Expect from Rehab

rehab expectationsSome people incorrectly assume that rehab will be some kind of vacation. They picture being locked inside a mansion, away from drugs and alcohol, but with total control of their free time to watch TV, go swimming, take naps or do whatever they please. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Those entering rehab with these expectations are the ones who leave the programs early, without receiving their money back and without having gained anything. A person cannot conquer their addiction without learning how to have surrender. Surrendering one’s control over circumstances is the first lesson a person learns upon entering rehab. Those who do not embrace it can move no further in the program because a client simply does not have the option of being in control when they enter rehab.

Those who statistically have the most success in rehab are the ones who are willing to submit to the guidance of the counselors and facilitators around them and embrace the practice of learning. Just like a person would do when they are in school, a person learns a great deal while they are in rehab, but rather than academics, they learn how to be a healthy person. For some reason, people assume that they already would have gained all of this information in their formative years. They treat good mental health like it is something that is obvious and available to anyone who feels like switching it on. This mentality causes people to fail in rehab because teaching a person good mental health is complex business. Those who are originally assigned this complex task – parents – have no training or preparation for it, and they often fall short. This is to be expected. It is not a source of shame or embarrassment. It is a very common reality. People entering rehab must become aware that they are there to learn some basic mental health skills that were missed in their formative years, and be willing to embrace the learning process once again. Rehabilitation centers in Canada, such as alcohol rehab Pickering, Vancouver and Edmonton, offer high quality programs with current treatment materials.

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